Pet Stains and Odor Removal

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When they were puppies, even the owner Jim Tanis would have to clean up after his dogs. Margo is a three year old Saint Bernard, and Lucy, an 11 year old Golden Retriever. Damn dogs!


Many customers ask us if it is it possible to remove pet urine stains from carpet. With state of the art truck mount machines, and experienced, IIRC certified cleaning technicians, we confidently remove almost 90% of carpet pet stains that remain in the carpet and top layer of pad! We offer three levels of pet urine treatment depending upon the severity of the damage.iicrc-logoPet urine can create an unhealthy indoor living environment if not removed thoroughly by professionals. Urine is initially deposited into the carpet fibers in a neutral state, over some time, it becomes alkaline (hence the ammonia odor). Because of the oils in pet urine, the urine never completely dries, and often travels quite efficiently through the carpet, and into the underlayment or padding. Topical cleaning often suffices on one time pet piddles. A very effective sub-surface decontamination process will effectively neutralize the carpet, and top surface of the padding without having to lift the carpet. This is our most popular process.

In extreme cases, urine will absorb into the wood or concrete subfloor. Correcting this damage demands a more aggressive treatment of pulling the carpet back to access the damaged floor. Even if carpets are replaced, the sub floor needs to be decontaminated and sealed.

To mitigate permanent damage, please immediately clean any areas with water and a towel. Soak up whatever urine you can. Stand on a towel placed directly on the area, turning the towel frequently to a dry area. You may find some effective pet spotting products at the local pet store. These may help to a degree on the surface of the spill. Give us a call then to get your home carpets looking brand new! If permanent staining or color loss has already damaged your carpets, we are often able to re-dye the area. We also offer carpet stretching and mold remediation.

In many cases, prolonged odor removal can permeate walls, floors and other furniture items. Be cautioned, your olfactory senses will get used to foul odors in a short time. Visitors to your home will notice immediately (and probably not say anything). Please email or call so one of our friendly office staff can help with any further questions. They can also give you an approximate estimate for these services.